Episode 006: Interview with Pilar Ortiz: Change, Reinvention, Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

Pilar is a successful bilingual (Spanish/English) international TV host, spokesperson and speaker. As an experienced journalist, she has left her mark as news director and anchor for Univision, participation in Telemundo and CNN Latino. Also, she has been chosen to co-host the Voices of Experience for National Speaker Association (NSA). She is the first Hispanic Female to be hosting the podcast. She is a former president of Hispanic Professional Women’s Association, a mentor of up and coming leaders and a member of the NSA. As a speaker she delivers keynotes, workshops and trainings. She is originally from Colombia.

  • About Pilar and her background on television [3:36]
  • Facing sudden change in her professional career [5:07]
  • Next steps after sudden change and finding opportunities [6:07]
  • On being doubtful about starting her own business and getting to the realization that this was limiting [8:46]
  • On trusting the process [9:31]
  • Shifting the focus on who is going to make the change and her inner dialogue [9:54]
  • Changes in her routine and reality [11:19]
  • Tapping on other skills and believing she could take the next step [12:44]
  • Pilar’s typical day and new habits: mindfulness and being in alignment [13:34]
  • On not going back to the news business [14:58]
  • Her thoughts on a limited mindset [15:46]
  • Pains and challenges of being an entrepreneur and how she faces these challenges [17:13]
  • On not dealing with fear [18:39]
  • On covering Pablo Escobar’s death as a new reporter in Colombia and lessons on focusing on opportunities [20:30]
  • On the fear of change [24:20]
  • On making small consistent changes [25:20]
  • On being careful with words [24:40]
  • On not focusing on fear and on following the steps of others who have done something before [25:24]
  • Reinvention and growth [29:13]
  • On learning the steps to becoming an entrepreneur and constant reinventions [30:29]
  • New reinventions: retreats and online programs for her business [32:33]
  • The importance of putting health first [36:15]
  • On losing weight to improve her health and be an example for her clients on goal-setting [36:45]
  • On the teachings from the book * “The Four Agreements” [41:09]
  • On taking control of her calendar [42:23]
  • Techniques to say no [45:10]
  • Other techniques and weekly information via email, visit PilarOrtiz.com [50:08]
  • Books that she recommends * [51:06]
  • On multitasking [54:04]
  • On confidence [54:54]
  • What she would tell her younger self [57:16]
  • Appreciation [59:43]
  • 5 valuable tips from a high performer [1:00:42]
    • Appreciation
    • Enjoy the journey
    • Meditate
    • Take the power back
    • Believe in a bigger plan
  • Connect with Pilar on social media or through her website [1:04:37]

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