• The Short Gal’s background in language teaching [1:46]
  • Childhood as the best time to learn a language [2:20]
  • Benefits of language learning according to the Business Insider [2:52]
  • Swedish study on neuroscience regarding language learning [3:31]
  • Benefits of language learning explained by the Short Gal [3:51]
  • About, guest Bill Yanson [5:20]
  • What is philology [6:19]
  • Yanson’s background in languages and philology [8:45]
  • Yanson’s fluency in Latin and German [9:22]
  • Cultural implications of learning a language [11:22]
  • Cultural prejudices of learning a language [12:52]
  • Richness of culture in Spanish [18:26]
  • Old learning methods [20:15]
  • Immersion as a method for learning [24:37]
  • The worst time to learn a language [28:43]
  • Myths of learning a language as an adult [32:31]
  • Online resources available [34:19]
  • Yanson’s tips for language learning [39:40]
  • The Short Gal’s steps to learn a new language [41:43]

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