I truly love technology and those who know me well, know that I enjoy the world of zeros and ones and devices and I cannot deny that I love video production gear. The challenge really comes when looking or researching technology becomes a source of great anxiety and creates a sense of wanting to get the latest and the newest all the time. It also creates a sense of competition and to go to extremes, a little bit of an addiction of getting new gear. I don’t have an addiction to buying clothes or shoes but boy, I love a new gadget.

  • On being an early adopter of technology [1:17]
  • Result of the Stress in America, Coping with Change from the American Psychological Association [2:23]
  • My own experience with getting technology [3:38]
  1. Technology is inevitably a part of everyone’s day to day activities. There is no going back on this
  2. It’s part of my job to stay current with computer technology and audio and video equipment as well as mobile technology.
  3. Recently we heard the announcement from Apple about the new iMac coming out in December.
  4. I have gotten really tired of getting stuck in the hamster wheel of buying new gear but for those in the audio/visual industry.
  5. This changing world creates perceived needs through great marketing from big brands that make you believe that you need to upgrade when in fact, sometimes the changes in the new upgraded product are not significant.
  6. The amount of waste that is generated by old technology is not helping mother earth so this is another thought that I keep in mind.
  7. Some of the things that I look at regularly look at are: cameras, lenses, camera accessories, computers, VR technology, drones, wearable technology… video technology in general
  • What I’m doing to keep my desire to buy technology in check – 10 tips [5:35]
  1. Unsubscribe from store email blasts.
  2. Delete all Amazon suggestions, in the same vein as point #1
  3. Do you suffer from some serious gear FOMO (fear of missing out)? If you do, your wallet better be huge.
  4. Re-purpose and try to achieve great results with what you have or buy an accessory that will enhance what you already own.
  5. Rent what you don’t think it’s worth keeping for more than 3 months.
  6. When I’m looking for something specific, I do an ROI assessment and ask myself if I will use the item at least once a month for the next year. I try to calculate at least a one-year – ideally 4-year shelf life.
  7. If I must upgrade, I try to let go of something that I don’t use. You have a very short window of time to re-sale equipment and still get something reasonable for it.
  8. I try to diversify and make sure technology blogs, articles and podcasts are not all I read or listen to as this keeps my mind thinking about what else to buy all day.
  9. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses or attend trade shows all the time.
  10. I try to avoid regret of buying something you really didn’t need. I also don’t buy the day something becomes available.
  • On looking for opportunities to test equipment [8:45]
  • Don’t be unethical [9:00]
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