I had the chance to record my very first Short Gal Show interview with a fascinating lady. Vanessa Felix and I went to school together. In Peru most private schools go from Elementary to High School (K to 12, basically) so I’ve known her since we were little. We weren’t best friends but we were friendly throughout school and I’ve gotten to know her better as an adult. She is a Chef and studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Lima and has held several positions as a professional chef since graduation. She currently owns V’s Gourmet to Go, a grab and go gourmet meal service in Indiana. She is also the proud mom of two boys.

  • About Vanessa [2:20]
  • On moving from Peru to Indiana [3:26]
  • On her career as a chef and building confidence in her profession [4:36]
  • On “Salads in a Jar” delivery business [5:41]
  • On her new business V’s Gourmet to Go and changing the menu every day [6:34]
  • On delivering her jars herself and bundling tasks [8:20]
  • On competition and inspiration for meals [10:11]
  • On making her own Moonshine [11:10]
  • On offering cooking lessons [11:49]
  • Getting inspiration from other chefs [12:58]
  • On scheduling what’s important [13:50]
  • The daily routine of a busy entrepreneur [14:35]
  • On not having expectations [17:43]
  • On raising a smart and kind teenager [19:09]
  • On her passions and hobbies [23:03]
  • On being an immigrant [27:08]
  • 5 tips of someone who is busy but still finds the time to do what she wants to do [30:29]
  1. Take care of your health
  2. Make sure that you surround yourself with a great support group
  3. Be true to yourself
  4. Don’t forget where you come from
  5. Anything is possible
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