So on this episode, I’d like to tell you guys what steps I took to begin podcasting and what my plans are for the future. Keep in mind that I am not an expert and I am just starting and this may not be the right way of doing this but I’m very empirical sometimes and this is what’s worked for me 3 episodes in:

  1. I started by coming up with an idea. I have to say that I found the Podcast Planner created by Addy Saucedo a great resource to begin thinking about the format and topics I wanted to include. I am not being endorsed by the podcast planner but I’m happy to give them a shout out.
  2. I hired my friend to design my logo. Enjoit Multimedia.
  1. I went ahead and created a WordPress site for the Short Gal Show.
  1. The next thing I did was to make a decision whether I wanted to obtain the RSS feed from my WordPress site or from a hosting service so let’s stop here for a little bit.  The way I decided to do this was through Libsyn –no endorsement here.
  1. Create content: the first thing I did was to create my first episode explaining what the show was about and another one right after that depicting a specific challenge I’ve had.I’m using Audition from the Adobe suite since I’m familiar with several of the Adobe products. Find out about the equipment I useAs far as music for my podcast, I’m using a little tune that I came up with and that I played on my guitar and a short sound effect separator from a royalty free site. Remember, don’t use copyrighted music!
  1. Once I had recorded my shows, I uploaded them first to Libsyn. Once I did that, I went ahead and followed some steps to add the Libsyn RSS to my WordPress site and I did that so now my shows play directly on my site with the libsyn player.
  1. Next step, getting the show to iTunes.
  1. What it cost me to launch my first three episodes.
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